Saving lives

through EGNSS

5-LIVES Project

Aims to provide innovative solutions, based in the European Global Navigation Satellite Systems Galileo and EGNOS (EGNSS) to overcome various rotorcraft operational weaknesses identified in five different scenarios, related to emergency and other critical missions.


Emergency Navigation

Expand the use of European GNSS in rotorcraft operations, particularly where life is at risk. Fostering research in innovative concepts, demonstrate the technical feasibility of advanced navigation procedures in constraining environments, as well as demonstrate the operational gains these have in historically inaccessible markets (e.g., VFR).


Search & Rescue

Demonstrate the benefits of using Galileo and EGNOS in heterogeneous search and rescue scenarios as it has never been done before: on the one hand, maritime search and rescue assisted by an EGNSS-enabled RPAS; on the other hand, evacuation of fireman-in-distress in a firefighting operation by equipping with EGNSS technology all ground units and the rescue helicopter.


HEMS Operations

Challenging environments

Firefighting Helicopter Displacement

Maritime Search

Firefighting Rescue



innovative solutions to improve identified weaknesses in the scenarios, by defining and developing innovative services and applications based in EGNSS


a complete business plan focused on each developed solution in order to identify the commercial aspects.


and validate the main advantages of using EGNSS on each solution, by executing field trials activities and developing a final analysis report.

5-LIVES Advisory Group

The 5-LIVES Advisory Group (FLAG) has been created to join helicopter operators and national aviation authorities in an effort to harmonise the implementation of rotorcraft EGNSS operations at a European level.

May 19, 2017 in News

Helicopter Firefighting Rescue Demo

The second set of flight demonstrations of the 3rd of May consisted on providing a better situational awareness to helicopter rescue crew about the position of ground firefighting brigades. The prototype... Read More
May 19, 2017 in News

Helicopter Firefighting Displacement Demo

The first set of demonstration flights for 5-LIVES were successfully completed this month in Toén, in the Spanish region of Galicia. In a two days campaign, PildoLabs engineers worked closely with... Read More